My Previous Portfolio

NOTE: I’m going to archive the content of my previous portfolio website here as a record.
These are some games and side projects I worked on from 2015 to 2018, mostly while in the Georgia Tech club VGDev.


Blind Justice

Meet Ralph Flittermouse, private eye. Justice is blind, and so are you! This is an echo location based first person shooter created during the Global Game Jam 2018. I designed and modeled all of the levels of the game, and added environment effects and scene transitions. My team won second place in Best in Georgia competition for Global Game Jam.

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Deep in Sheep

Grab a friend and be the first to round up the most sheep into your own pen. Be on the look out for the coveted Golden Sheep, but also beware the hot-tempered Ram! This is a local multiplayer sheep soccer game I lead while working with VGDev. Along with leading, I worked as a gameplay programmer and environment artist.

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Space Squids

Racing through space you will find a pair of squids competing for speed superiority! This is a local multiplayer racing game. I designed and modeled a racetrack and created a lava asteroid with a custom shader.

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Oil Paint Post Processing Effect

This is a camera effect that emulates oil paint. I wrote this post processing effect based on the paper Image and Video Abstraction by Anisotropic Kuwahara Filtering by Kyprianidis, et al.

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